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pursuant to BetrSichV, BGR 234 & DIN EN 15635

Prüfplakette AK-IndustriemontagenThe Company Safety Ordinance and the Rules and Regulations of the professional associations as per BGR 234 obliges the employer to have all shelf systems within the company/enterprise inspected in regard to safety and stability.

DIN EN 15635 includes all relevant information regarding how these shelf systems must be inspected. This DIN has been ratified in August 2009 and is now in full effect.

Any personal injury or damages incurred by shelves falling over can result in a court decision appropriating the responsibility to the employer/responsible person who violated the safety regulations by not having the shelves inspected.

If you postpone the inspection of the shelf units the risk for shelves tipping over due to tear and wear ort inappropriate handling by staff, thus endangering human lives. In order to help you to adhere to the standards in a simple and uncomplicated way, we offer the special shelf inspection services.

With us as your partner you will receive: inspection of shelf systems from all manufacturers, including those built individually, through a certified inspector; marking with labels of different colours; and a valid inspection protocol.

We also offer potentially necessary repair or maintenance works. We inspect all shelves pursuant to BGR 234 item 2.1 such aspallets, floor, multiple story, cantilever, access and throughput shelves. Do not wait any longer with the inspection of your shelf units through a shelf inspector.


High Quality Shelf Inspections

Because the safety inspection of shelves should not be undertaken
under time pressure

First appointment:
With our certified shelf inspector, we discuss the inspection process. We inspect all pallets, floors, multiple-story, cantilever, access and throughput shelves. Time is an important factor. The closer the inspector can inspect the shelves, the sooner necessary safety-related decisions in regard to such shelves can be made.

A shelf inspection that is timed, planned and executed inappropriately does not comply with the necessary safety regulations. It is for that reason, that safety and health of the staff is the first concern in inspected companies.

After order confirmation the shelf inspector will carry out all necessary inspections within the company. He will consider any possible or impossible circumstances that might have damaged the shelves and then check their stability and damages at the frames, supporting structures and crossbars. In addition he will check the existence of functional traits in regard to all important and necessary safety features such as protection from falling off, protection from bumping into it with vehicles, throughput safety, position of pallets, etc.

All positive and negative findings will be recorded in the inspection protocol. Every shelf unit will be marked with a clearly visible colourful label. At the end of a working day, the inspector will discuss his findings with the responsible person in the company and report which shelves have been inspected and which shelves will need repair. This way, the customer has the necessary time for further planning regarding any consecutive steps.

Concluding, the customer will receive the signed and legally valid inspection report with specific inspection protocols for the complete documentation of the inspection in digital form as a PDF-file.

If you would like us to repair, assemble or maintain the damaged shelves right away, we are of course available, too.

Companies Safety Regulations